Vostok Legion Honors & Awards

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Похвальная Доблесть Под Огнем Маршалы Стар Почитания Заказ С-. Джордж Кровь и Честь Заказ Белого Орла Заказ Звезды Крови наследие Жертвы
Meritorium Virtus Sub Ignem Imperatores Stella Venerari Ordinis Sancti Georgius Sanguinem et Honoris Ordinem Albo Aquila Ordinem Sanguis Stellata Legatum de Sacrificium
Meritorious Valor Under Fire1 Marshals Star of Veneration2 The Order of St. George3 Blood and Honor4 Order of the White Eagle5 Order of the Blood Star6 Legacy of Sacrifice7

Appendix I: Vostok Legion Honors

  • (1) Meritorious Valor Under Fire-The 1st class order is awarded to Front commanders for exceptional direction of combat operations. The 2nd class order is awarded to corps, divisions and regimental commanders for a decisive victory over a numerically superior enemy. The 3rd class order is awarded to  their chiefs of staff, and battalion and company commanders for outstanding leadership leading to a battle victory.
  • (2) Marshals Star of Veneration-The "Marshals Star of Veneration" is a mixed civilian and military order created in four classes. It is awarded for outstanding contributions to the state associated with the development of the Transcaucasian Vostok Republiks, advances in labour, peace, friendship and cooperation between worlds, or for significant contributions to the defense of the Imperium.
  • (3) The Order of St. George- Awarded to soldiers, sailors, sergeants, petty officers, warrant officers and junior officers for deeds and distinction in battle in defense of the Imperium, as well as for deeds and distinction in battle on the territory of other worlds while maintaining or restoring galactic peace and security with recognized instances of courage, dedication and military skill. Awarded sequentially in four classes.
  • (4) Blood and Honor- The "Blood and Honor" badge is a common battle honor amongst veterans of the Imperial Guard. It is given to those who did their duty despite being mortally wounded. As such many are awarded posthumously.
  • (5) Order of the White Eagle-To officers for courage or merit: First Class - Reserved for senior staff officers and higher; only awarded at the pleasure of the Marshal of the Legion. Second Class - Reserved for senior staff officers. Third Class - Reserved for senior staff officers for extreme acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. Fourth Class - To enlisted personnel for extreme acts of bravery in the face of the enemy.
  • (6) Order of the Blood Star-The Order of the Blood Star is given to Vostok Legion and Vostok Navy personnel for exceptional service in the cause of the defense of the Imperium in both war and peace. Also awarded for 15 years of service prior to the creation of the long service awards.
  • (7)Legacy of Sacrifice- Awarded to soldiers wounded in battle. One disc for each event, the fifth wound receives a star with ruby stud, 10th receives a star with diamond stud.

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