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Crassus #5 of the 192nd Kursk Front, Chekhovsky Armored Strike Regt. on maneuvers on the Vostokoya steppe, with long range ops pack.

The Crassus is a heavily armoured assault transport of the Imperial Guard that was named after one of Lord Solar Macharius' greatest generals during the Macharian Crusade, Borgen Crassus. The Crassus, along with the Dominus Heavy Siege Bombard and Praetor Heavy Assault Launcher weapon systems are Standard Template Construct (STC) designs recovered on the recently re-conquered world of Zhao-Arkkad. The Crassus is capable of transporting up to 35 soldiers in its expansive armored hold, and is also able to carry up to two Cyclops Demolition Tanks.

Crassus of the 7th Belorussian Front-Kuban, as it appeared during the battle of the Tiberion Ash Wastes

Crassus #39 of the 1st Volgagrad Front, Gordinskaya Infantry Regt. during the assault on Johns IV Hive.
"The Emperor Protects"

Crassus of the 69th Barbarossa Front, Tolstoy Regt. as it appeared during the re-pacification of Thadig-Sin

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