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the BoCH V250 'Put' Putilov And Its Variants

Standard production variant, with a hatched 'pulpit' with pintle mounted and hull mounted bolters.

Anti-tank variant with enclosed fighting compartment fitted with a Chimera turret. The 'pulpit' is removed.

Manticore "Katyusha" variant, with enclosed fighting compartment. Usually deployed in tandem with the 'F' variant, shown below.

Ammunition / cargo carrier. The fighting compartment has been extended.

The Inspectorate for Motorized Troops, (Инспекция войск моторизованной, Ивм),  decided that it would be useful for small armored half-tracks to accompany tanks in battle. They could satisfy requirements for which a larger vehicle wouldn't be needed, such as headquarters, artillery forward observer, radio, and scout vehicles. Putilov was selected to develop the "Special Purpose Light Armored Troop Carrier" or BoCH. 250. A readily available commercial truck chassis was chosen, the rear wheels were replaced with tracks to increase its cross country capability and an armored hull replaced the sheet steel bodywork.

HQ communication vehicle. Fitted with long range and short range vox casters. A long range ops pack has been fitted. Low-vis aquila.

Tanker variant used to carry water or fuel. Only the markings differ. A fuel truck is shown. Inscribed "FLAMMABLE"

Field ambulance / hospital. All weapons systems have been removed and the fighting compartment extended to accommodate stretchers.

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