Equipment & Vehicles of the Vostok Legion

The initial idea was for a vehicle that could be used to transport a squad of troops to the battlefield protected from enemy fire. However, the open top means the crew is still vulnerable from overhead bursts, and that particular role has been superseded by the Chimera. Variants of this halftrack are produced for specialized purposes, including anti-aircraft guns, rocket launching as well as a version with an infra-red search light used to spot potential targets for associated tanks equipped with infra-red detectors.

There are 17 official variants of the halftrack, and sundry unofficial variants. Each variant is identified by a suffix to the model number.

BoCH V251 'Izzy' Izorsky Armored Personel Carrier

Official Production Variants

BoCH V251/A - Standard production model
BoCH V251/B - Equipped with Chimera turret
BoCH V251/C - Manticore Rocket Launcher
BoCH V251/D - Water/ fuel tanker
BoCH V251/E - Dzerzhinsky infrared detection equipment
BoCH V251/F - Vox line layer
BoCH V251/G - 80mm Mortar Carrier
BoCH V251/H - Vox caster Communications vehicle  
BoCH V251/I - Hellhound (Heavy Flamer)
BoCH V251/J - Assault engineer vehicle   
BoCH V251/K - Command version
BoCH V251/L - Armored artillery observation
BoCH V251/M - Sapper assault carrier
BoCH V251/N - Infrared searchlight
BoCH V251/O - Armored ambulance/ hospital
BoCH V251/P - Infantry fighting vehicle
BoCH V251/Q - Armored ammunition/ cargo carrier

BoCH Zis V350 Yaroslavl Heavy Armored Transporter / Prime Mover

Initial production vehicles were intended to be used mainly as the tractor for AA FlaK guns and heavy howitzers. Because of its heavy power, it often is used as a multi purpose recovery vehicle.

The vehicle can carry gun crews of up to 12 men in theatre-type seats. Under the seats is storage room for various tools, and the whole vehicle is spacious enough to carry their kit. The rear of the vehicle houses an enclosed compartment for storage of ammunition, though a second ammunition carrier is desirable. The tractor can tow loads up to 8,000 kg (17,600 lb) in weight. Most are fitted with a winch that can pull up to 3450 kg. It has a payload of 1800 kg.

Official Production Variants

BoCH Zis V350/A - Standard production model
BoCH Zis V350/B - Artillery tractor
BoCH Zis V350/C - Equipped with Leman Russ turret
BoCH Zis V350/D - Manticore Rocket Launcher 
BoCH Zis V350/E - Hellhound (Heavy Flamer)
BoCH Zis V350/F - HQ Command version
BoCH Zis V350/G - Infantry fighting vehicle
BoCH Zis V350/H - Armoured ammunition/ cargo carrier
BoCH Zis V350/I - Armored recovery vehicle

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