The world of Vostokoya is an agro-manufacturing world, with an extreme elliptical orbit that causes extremes of climate throughout its 421 day solar year. The poles are perpetually ice-capped. A temperate band encircles the equatorial center, a savannah/steppe biosphere that produces a 6 month growing season. 3 of these months are extremely  hot, with temperatures reaching well into the 140's(F) along the Equator. During the winter months, when Vostokoya's orbit takes it furthest from the sun, its temperature has been known to reach -80F, so cold the oil in exposed machinery freezes.  The world is made up of 7 distinct landmasses, divided into Oblasts, or administrative districts, the boundaries of which are adjusted every 20 years.  Each Oblast is given a certain amount of autonomy, and responsibility, including the Front it is called upon to field.
Each Oblast is divided into smaller administrative regions called Zemstvos, which are divided into officially recognized districts called Okrugs and unofficial territories called Krai.


The military might of Vostokoya is collectively known as the Vostok Legion or Legio Vostok. The Legion is divided into 'Fronts', made up of Divisions which in turn are divided into Regiments. The original 13 Oblasts are called  'Primes', with long standing traditions and customs that are reflected in the units they are called upon to field. These units tend to be the best equipped and trained as the military budgets are much larger. Replacements for the 'Prime Regiments' are drawn from within the respective Oblasts boundaries. Replacements for the Zemstvo Regiments are drawn from within the respective Zemstvos boundaries. A large family may then have a son in a Prime regiment, a Zemstvo Regiment and a Okrug Regiment simultaneously. The newer fledgling 'Krai' are often an amalgamation of varying cultures that are reflected in the their regiments, creating a uniform tho' eclectic mix in the look and composition of the regiment. Each Okrug/Krai is responsible for the raising, training and equipping of its regiment(s). Several smaller or poorer Okrug/Krai may pool their resources in the creation of the regiments they are called upon to muster.

Areas of Responsibility
Oblast - Front + Regiment(s) based upon pop. density.
Zemstvo - Division + Regiment(s) based upon pop. density.
Okrug/Krai - Regiment(s) based upon pop. density.

A 'Front' is the equivalent of an Army, comprised of numerous Divisions, and like a Division, has no set number of troops and is assembled based upon need and availability. A Front is sequentially numbered based upon its formation, and named, based upon its Oblast of origin. (ex. 69th Novosibirsk Front). A front is very rarely established and deployed.

A Division is not a standing contingent, but rather is 'built-up' according to its assignment, custom comprised of Regiments that are available and specialize in various roles suited to its objective. Divisions can be assembled and dis-assembled based on need. A Division is sequentially numbered, based on the number of divisions the respective Oblast has fielded. (ex. 1st Volgograd Front, 112th Division). A Division is seldom deployed.

"A division is a large military unit or formation usually consisting of between 10,000 and 30,000 soldiers. In the Legio Vostok, a division is composed of several regiments or brigades; in turn, several divisions typically make up a Front. A division tends to be the smallest combined arms unit capable of independent operations; due to its self-sustaining role as a unit with a range of combat troops and suitable combat support forces, which can be divided into various organic combinations."
    excerpt from; the Legio Vostok Tacticus

An Infantry Regiment is named (ex. Gordinskaya Infantry Regiment) consisting of 1000 - 1200 men, divided into 5-6 Alphabetically designated, Companies (ex. Alexi Co.) made up of 5-6 numbered Platoons each. Each Company and Platoon is also assigned a color; 1st(HQ)=white, 2nd=green, 3rd=gold, 4th=blue, 5th=red, 6th=black. These colors are incorporated into the shoulder patches, standards and guidons of each Company and Platoon.

Armored Regiments and Mechanized Tank Killer Regiments consist of 5-6 Companies made up of 5-6 platoons each. Each platoon consists of 20-35 fighting vehicles.

A Cavalry Regiment is named (ex. Stravinski Cavalry Regiment) consisting of 600-800 mounted soldiers plus support personnel, divided into 5-6 Alphabetically designated Squadrons  (ex. Boris Squadron.), made up of 5-6 numbered Troops each. A Troop consists of 10 mounted soldiers. Each Squadron and Troop is also assigned a color; 1st(HQ)=white, 2nd=green, 3rd=gold, 4th=blue, 5th=red, 6th=black. These colors are incorporated into the shoulder patches, standards and guidons of each Squadron and Troop. There are exceptions to these rules. The Kuban Kazaks and Don Kazaks maintain their historical unit designations based on tribal colors, founder names and regional place names.






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