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Legio Vostok Vehicle Markings

Armor Markings in Practice

In addition to the vehicle number there are a variety of other markings. Not the least of which is the camouflage scheme. This is applied in the field by the crew, usually at the direction of the company commander, based on the conditions of the theatre of battle. In addition to the 5 regulation colors supplied by the Imperial Vostokoya Munitorium, (see below) the elements of the battle field are also sometimes used, ie. mud, debris and the native flora of the contested region.

Each combat vehicle is painted the distinctive Vostok Green at the factory. Camouflage paste is issued with each vehicle to be applied in the field according to conditions, thinned with water or promethium. Colors may be mixed, affording a wide variety of colors, accounting for the differences in color even in the same platoon. Field Green, Red Brown, Dark Yellow, White, Black

According to regulations, the Imperial Aquila is to be placed in the center of the sponsons, in the center of the glacis and in the center rear of the vehicle, in a contrasting color to be sufficiently visible from 1/2 klom away. Experienced commanders have found that it creates a perfect aiming point for enemy Anti-tank gunners and so, this regulation is seldom enforced in the field. However, the Emperors' grace must be maintained and so low-vis versions abound.

A characteristic of Legio Vostok vehicles is the slogans painted like billboards on the sides of the fighting vehicles. These slogans often glorify the bravery, loyalty, and ferocity of the Legio Vostok or proclaim the glory of the Emperor, at the direction and approval of the units Commissar. Some units are formed from the population of a particular zemstvo and the local workers from that region will donate a tank to the regiment, a recognition of the generosity of that factory will sometimes take pride of place on the side of a turret or sponson.

Saint George is the patron saint of Vostokoya and as such, depictions, by a talented crewman, of the saint slaying the Xenos is often found on Legio Vostok AFV's. The images are consecrated and rituals performed by the Co. Chaplain invoking the interdiction of the saint on the crews behalf.

Like soldiers everywhere and in every conflict, Guardsmen name their weapons. Tradition dictates that the Vehicle commander chooses the name. It may be a wife, sweetheart or town, or it may be agreed upon by the crew. Sometimes it is named based upon the temperament of that particular machine spirit. But invariably it is a "she".

"Kill Rings" are often displayed on the barrel of the main armament, they may distinguish between 'soft' and 'hard' targets, or simply keep a running total.

Campaign Runes

Above is a sampling of the campaign runes assigned to the Gordinskaya Regiment during its 15 terran year deployment in the Benedictine crusade, spanning 3 separate campaigns.

A  Guardsman is required by regulations to wear his medals and awards continuously, even in battle. Likewise, an AFV is required to continuously display their company and  unit citations, to inspire their fellow soldiers. These are most often painted toward the rear of the vehicle along with prayers and religious litanies.

K3 of the Gordinskaya Regt.
"Forward to Victory! For the Emperor and the Glory of Vostokoya!"

4F2 of an unidentified regiment

2 of the Tolstoy Regt.
"Novstobysk Tractor Factory"

324 of the Troisk-Pensa Regt

D23 of the Pavlovsky Cuirassier Regt.-Don Kazaks
"Faith is our Shield!"

XI of the Shostakovich Regt.
"Glory to the Emperor of Mankind!"

Regulation Markings on the Rear


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