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Legio Vostok Vehicle Markings

Combat Vehicle  Identification Numbers

The Vostok Legion regulations state that the call sign or identification numbers are to be made up of numbers 30cm high. The number is to be 3cm wide in black outlined in 1cm of white. In the field, the style, size, color and outlines  of the numbers vary widely.

The first number in the identification number is the company, the second number is the platoon and the third number is the order of the tank in the platoon. For example 414 would be the number for the fourth tank in the first platoon of the fourth company. On the company commander's and deputy commander's tanks, the second digit is 0 and the third digit 0, 1 or 2. Company HQ staff vehicles normally have the numbers 001 to 003. In some units, roman numerals I, II and III are used.

The Vostok Legion regulations state that tanks at the regimental level are prefixed by the letter R instead of the first digit. For example R01 would be the tank belonging to the regimental commander and subsequent tanks by his staff. Some regimental commanders leave the 'R'  and/or '0' off completely, opting for a one or two digit number. Tanks at the battalion level are prefixed by a roman numeral in sequence. For example I01 would belong to the commander of the first battalion.

the Regimental Commanders to this day, are responsible for the style and meaning of the numbering system in use by their regiments. This can range from single, double or triple digit numbers or the use of letters and/or symbols. Its for this reason there is such a wide variety of symbols and styles compared to the regulation standardized numbering system. Of course you are just as correct to have no markings at all on the tank. There are some unusual non-regulation numbering of tanks found on the battlefield. For example X7 is found on a Crassus. This could be a stylized version of '107' , the X used as a roman numeral 10. This is only conjecture, as the significance of X7 is not documented.

Vehicle Number Examples

Commissariat Tank

Tactical markings

Tactical Markings of the Regiments On This Site



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