Legio Vostok Uniforms & Insignia

Gordinskaya Regiment

Lieutenant Trooper Vox Caster Flamer
Lieutenant Trooper Vox Caster Flamer

Varangian Guards

(Heavy Infantry)

The Varangian Guard are the elite veterans  of the Gordinskaya Infantry Regiment. In the field they operate as heavy infantry, well armored and protected. Unlike other infantry, their battlefield employment appears to be essentially offensive in character, being used as line breakers and shock troops. In  battles in which they are recorded as playing a prominent role they are described as being extremely aggressive. Given their elite status, the Varangians are mounted on the march though they usually fight on foot

Lieutenant-Heavy Assault Troops

Varangian Guard

Assault Pioneer

Heavy Bolter Team

Morter Team
Assault Pioneer Heavy Bolter Team Morter Team

Basic Gordinskaya Trooper Kit

Basic Issue Kit

(1)Woolen Greatcoat,(2)Winter Shako,(3)Canvas Bread-bag,(4)Lasgun Maintenance Kit,(5)Lasgun Power-cell Pouch,(6)Field Cap,(7)Mess-tin,(8)Personal Medical Kit,(9)2 Litre Canteen,(10)Marching Boots,(11)Standard Issue Lasgun/Bayonet(12)Leather Belt/Buckle,(13)Gymstroyka,(14)Wool Trousers,(15)Bayonet Frog,(16)Bed-roll/Poncho/Personal Shelter,(17)Rebreather Canister

Other Regiments of Note in the Legio Vostok

Kaptain Viktor Sergeev Shostakovich Regt. Sniper Tolstoy Regiment Trooper 'Fedarova Fusaliers' Trooper Troisk-Pensa Regt. Assault Squad Cuirassiers - Kuban Cuirassiers - Don Chekhovsky Regiment Tank Commander
Kaptain Shostakovich Regiment (Greensleeves) Tolstoy Regiment Fedarova Fusaliers Troisk-Pensa Regiment (Reapers) Pavlovsky Cuirassier Regiment- Kuban Pavlovsky Cuirassier Regiment- Don Chekhovsky Armored Strike Regiment

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