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Tutorial - the Stamp / Franking (1)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make vintage style postage stamps the BoltCutter way. We will be building the set of commemoratives to the left. (Shown actual size.) There are 3 essential tools. #1) A computer #2) A scanner, #3) An image creation program capable of layers. (Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro for example.) I will be using Photoshop, but the steps are essentially the same for whichever program you use.

This technique can be used to create graphics for memory albums and other paper arts projects or you can create an actual stamp to use as labels on mail or actual envelopes. The image to the right shows the basic building blocks we will use to create the stamps above. The back of the stamp, and the postcard with the face we are going to use have been scanned in and the companion graphics have been imported. SAVE OFTEN.


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