Portfolio - Military & Civil Uniforms of the Republik of Vostok (1)

The constructed figures, vehicles and equipment are representative of the uniforms from a fictitious country called Vostok. Vostok was conceived after the fall of Czarist Russia, and was birthed in the chaos that followed. Like North Ingermanland, & the Transcaucasian Federation, Vostoks' lifespan was short-lived, as were many other fledgling republics, lasting only four short years, before it succumbed to the inexorable red tide of the Bolsheviks & the Red Army.

Tho' the country of Vostok is fictitious, the illustrations are not. They are based on actual uniforms of the period, as seen in photographs and cabinet cards. The insignia and ranks have been altered to fit into the Vostok milieu.

The uniforms are a mix of Czarist and post Czarist Russia, along with a smattering of regional costumes. The military equipment is a mix of French, German, Russian, English and Latvian, as befitting a fledgling nation.  A more modern example would be the state of Israel as it was seeking its own autonomy. They used and adapted what ever surplus was at hand, and whatever they could capture, starting their military from scratch.

The support given the White armies, by the Western powers, after Russias' withdrawal from the Great War, was minimal at best, tho' some support in material and men was given.