Tutorial - Painting Figures From Old Photographs

In this tutorial I will show you how we made the figure on the left. This illustration is one of 100 historically accurate uniforms of the Russian Army and Civil Services of Imperial Russia during WWI & the Russian Revolution. To do this project three things are essential: 1) A Computer, 2) a Scanner, 3) a graphics creation program that supports layers. (Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro are excellent candidates). I will be using Photoshop, but the principles are essentially the same. Click on the thumbnail of the finished product (at left) to see a larger version.  SAVE OFTEN!

[CLICK HERE] to see other period uniforms of the Republik of Vostok.

This is the cabinet photo that was used as a reference. It has been scanned at 200dpi and imported into Photoshop. Aside from being in black and white, the photo is in rough shape, and the details are unclear. It is our job to remedy those shortcomings.





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