Tutorial - Portrait Painting From Old Photographs (2)

We have cleaned up the edges using the Erasure Tool, changed the Stroke to 1px, dark brown, inside. Because we enlarged the pixels, his skin looks blotchy. We are going to give him a facial. This is where the patience part kicks in.  We are going to use the Smudge Tool, using the default settings, and carefully blend the entire face. Start by blending areas that are similar in tone, then when it is blocked in , pay close attention to the areas where light & dark meet. Don't overdo this treatment. Subtlety is the key to a lifelike representation. Remember, we are here to enhance the existing image. SAVE OFTEN!
The image at left has been smoothed. We left the hair alone, concentrating on the skin. The first color layer is an overall flesh tone, set to Multiply, adjusting the Opacity to taste.
Here a pale green layer, has been laid out in the lightest shadow areas. No need to be precise here, just slather on the color. Layer/Rasterize/Fill Layer. Layer/Remove Layer Mask/Apply. This process will be repeated for each color layer.

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