Tutorial - Portrait Painting From Old Photographs (1)

In this tutorial, I explain my techniques for colorizing an old photograph. In this example we will be using an old lo-res portrait of a Civil War veteran we downloaded from a genealogy site,

 to create the image at left. The master image is 302pixels X 400pixels @ 72dpi. That resolution is fine for the web, but will produce terrible results if printed. Our job is to remedy this. For this project you need 3 things. 1.) A computer w/ adequate RAM, 2.) An image creation program capable of supporting layers, 3.) Patience. And one more thing...SAVE OFTEN! Click on the thumbnail at left for a larger version of the finished graphic.

To make this portrait usable for printing, we are going to enlarge it to a minimum of 200dpi.  On the right, we have enlarged the image to a respectable size, and changed the resolution to 200dpi. We then duplicated the layer 3x, changing the blending mode of each layer to brighten and increase contrast. In the lower right corner, you can see the layers pallet. At this point the image is extremely pixelated.

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