the Age of Romance Contruction




Here we have a traveling 'Cabinet of Curiosities' collected & compiled by one self-proclaimed Professor Baris Cerin Dugald  bS. dA. (BCD ...get it?). We envisioned Prof. Dugald as a second rate P.T. Barnum, traveling about, preying on the love-lost. Though his cabinet touts, 'Love in all its guises', it seems to focus more on Love gone bad. Of course this need not happen to you! The 'Love Doctor' can "...steer you away from those rocky shoals", with the "wisdom gained through extensive research in the far-flung corners of the globe."

"Of course such knowledge is not for free as it would 'cheapen' the gift. Nor is it expensive, as one would expect, though it is more valuable than a kings ransom. For you, I shall pass on a lifetime of study for a mere trifle." (He has a degree in bS. after all.)