Graphic Design Driven By Passion.

Based in Denver, BoltCutterDesign - Industrial Strength is a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in printed media, creative direction and graphic design. We work within a wide range of projects, including commercial identities, magazines, books and packaging. We work hard to find an effective balance between idea, function and aesthetics in each of our projects. Our philosophy and creative process follows a conceptual approach in which critical thought, experimentation, and collaborations are key. Concepts are derived from extensive research to develop contemporary, distinctive and effective graphic design solutions often challenging their visual application. Our creative output can be appreciated through our extensive portfolio of work realized for clients in a diverse range of fields over the past seventeen years.

Simply put ...
We make stuff to make YOU look good. Affordably. Period.
If you see something here that is of interest, drop us a line. BoltCutterDesign can provide you with an effective/ affordable graphic design solution.